Character Creation Guidelines

In keeping with the tone of the genre all characters in this campaign start out at ‘Seasoned’ rank.

Use the following steps to create your character:

  1. Select a Class Archetype.
  2. Select a Cultural Template.
  3. Choose whether to take an Honor Code.
  4. Choose whether to take a Religion.
  5. Spend any remaining Skill or Hindrance points.
  6. Equip your character. You have 5 gold pieces (gp) to spend (the equivalent of SW’s starting wealth of $500). You may choose any period-appropriate equipment from the Savage Worlds core rulebook and/or the Fantasy Companion. Note that ‘period appropriate’ is with respect to the Hyborian Age. Not sure what that means? Read your Conan! In any event, all equipment purchases are subject to GM approval. Eventually we will have a campaign-specific equipment list.

You’re done! Now communicate your character info to the GM so he can enter it into Hero Lab.

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Character Creation Guidelines

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