How The Party Came Together

28 June 2014
• Ian, GM
• Ron, Gardiff the Lost, Aesir Barbarian
• Claudia, Zenobia, Nemedian Scholar
• Robert, Praterkali, Aquilonian Thief
• Walker, Kwan Chi, Khitan Scholar

Prior to starting the game the Players rolled on random tables to determine how the PCs came to know each other, how they decided to form a party, and what their adventuring motivation is.

• Praterkali is a young thief, living on the streets of Tarantia in Aquilonia.

• Kwan Chi is a Khitan monk who has recently arrived in Tarantia from far-away Khitai. He has been ordered by his deranged Khan to “Travel to the western ends of the earth, find there the horizon, and return it to me in a box.” Kwan Chi knows this is a mad and impossible quest but he is bound by his temple vows to fulfill it. After a two-year journey with only his Katana sword as his companion he arrives in Aquilonia. He only a vague awareness of where he is geographically; he only knows that his homeland of Khitai is very far to the east. His unfulfilled vow likely condemns him to a life of wandering in search of the unknowable.

• While wandering the Thieves’ Quarter of Tarantia Kwan Chi encounters Praterkali beset by rival thieves. His sense of fairness and honor compels him to intervene and he drives her attackers away. Praterkarli offers to repay the kindness with a drink, and she subsequently convinces Kwan Chi to try alcohol for the first time. During the evening Kwan Chi and Praterkali hatch a drunken plan to reign as two kings (this despite the fact that Praterkali is female). Upon waking with hammering heads they find themselves covered in cuts and bruises, and soon discover the city guard is pursuing them. To their bewilderment they learn they are accused of participating in a criminal act the previous night, but because of the mead they have no memory of it. Deciding their best chance for escape is to flee Tarantia along separate routes, each flees the city not telling the other of their intended destination. Praterkali races east into Nemedia, while Kwan Chi heads southeast to Ophir.

• Xenobia is a warrior/scholar and a member of the Nemedian nobility. Her dabbling into the magic arts has been a delicious court rumor for years but has never been proven publicly. The distraction of her scholarly studies causes her to miss a political enemy’s subtle intrigues and she suddenly finds herself in Belverus prison. Stripped of all power and possessions she now languishes in the gloomy dark in the very city where she was once one of the wealthy and powerful.

• Gardiff and his Aesir tribe, drunk on mead, decide to raid across the Cimmerian border. Gardiff’s tribe is defeated and he finds himself cut off from his homeland. Fleeing south his path eventually leads him to Belverus in Nemedia, where his uncivilized ways soon draw the attention of the local gendarmes. When their questions about his origin elicit only vague answers from the barbarian he soon obtains the moniker “Gardiff the Lost”. When he jumps into a tavern brawl the Gendarmes use it as an excuse to put him in prison. Gardiff now chaffs and smolders like a caged bear, waiting for any chance at freedom.

• After sneaking about the streets of Beleverus for three weeks Praterkali is caught stealing and imprisoned.

• Kwan Chi arrives in Ophir but soon turns north when he learns the nearest large city, Belverus in Nemedia, has the wisest and most learned men in the land. He hopes to question them about the nature of the world and the puzzle of the horizon. Perhaps they have knowledge to unravel the illogical mystery and allow him to complete his quest with honor? Upon arriving in Belverus Kwan Chi is imprisoned when he kills an attacker who turns out to be the son of an important Nemedian official. He and Praterkali are surprised to find each other in the prison work yard.

• Praterkali, Xenobia, Gardiff and Kwan Chi find common cause in the Belverus prison and agree to throw their fortunes together. They hatch a plan to overpower a routinely inattentive guard and sneak their way to the prison stables. Kwan Chi bravely conducts a solitary mission to trick his way into the prison armory and recover his prized Katana sword.

• With the prison stables only lightly guarded the band seize three saddled horses and flee south through Ophir and on towards Koth. Zenobia and Kwan Chi share a horse that dies along the way.

• Near the Kothian border the escapees arrive at a low class inn, their two remaining horses exhausted. They spend their few coins on a meal and stale wine and consider their futures. Coming to no consensus they throw themselves down onto thin blankets on the hard floor of the common sleeping area. Twenty other impoverished travelers snore around them. Their horses are stolen in the middle of the night.

• Next morning after discovering the theft of their horses the fugitives decide to cross the border into Koth. After a march of several days they encounter merchants on the road. The heroes are in luck! The merchants inform them that the town of Kyros is only another day’s march, and even better, the townsfolk are holding their famous Wine Festival of Anu! The band agrees that Kyros is where they will seize their destinies or die trying!

How The Party Came Together

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