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  • Wine of the Gods Pt. 1

    *[[How The Party Came Together]]* They decided to go to Kyros for the annual wine festival. They wandered into an alley where they were ambushed by bandits, but they killed them all. A local doctor dressed their wounds. They finally made it to …

  • Home Page

    h2. Welcome to Savage Hyboria! This campaign takes place in Robert E. Howard's Hyborian Age. The game uses the Savage Worlds rules set with some setting-specific rules to give it the flavor of the Conan pulp stories written by REH in the 1920's and …

  • Main Page

    *[[New Players start here!]]* *[[Setting Rules]]* *[[Character Creation Guidelines]]* *[[Hyborian Gazetteer]]* *[[Design Notes]]* [[File:344065 | class=media-item-align-none | asura.jpg]]

  • Reputation

    Here is where we describe the rules for Reputation from the Conan RPG. h3. Back to *[[Setting Rules]]*.

  • Setting Rules

    This campaign uses the following rulebooks: * Savage Worlds Explorer's Edition Deluxe (SWEXD) * Savage Worlds Fantasy Companion (SWFC) * Savage Worlds Horror Companion (SWHC) The following Setting Rules tailor the basic game system to place the …

  • New Players start here!

    1. First, if you don't know how to play Savage Worlds go buy the rulebook; it's only $10. When you've read it come back here. [[File:347417 | class=media-item-align-none | SWEXD_cover.png]] 2. You're back! Great book huh? Now click over to the …

  • Blood and Guts

    Characters can spend Bennies on damage rolls. (SWEXD, p. 108) h3. Back to *[[Setting Rules]]*.

  • Corruption

    Describe Corruption rules here. Back to [[Sorcery]]. Back to [[Setting Rules]]. Back to [[Main Page]].

  • Sorcery

    * [[Arcane Backgrounds]] * [[Forbidden Lore]] * [[Powers]] * [[Sanity]] * [[Alchemy]] h3. Back to *[[Setting Rules]]*.

  • Arcane Backgrounds

    Here is where we describe how Arcane Backgrounds work in this setting. Address Critical Backlash here as well. h3. Back to *[[Sorcery]]*.

  • Character Creation Guidelines

    In keeping with the tone of the genre all characters in this campaign start out at 'Seasoned' rank. Use the following steps to create your character: # Select a *[[Class Archetype]]*. # Select a *[[Cultural Template]]*. # Choose whether to take an …

  • High Living

    This is where we describe the value of money and the "High Living Tax" (i.e., why the PCs are always broke). h3. *Back to [[Setting Rules]]*

  • Counterspells

    * Warding * Desperate Ward * Greater Warding * Incantation of Amalric's Witchman * Rune of Jhebbal Sag * Ward Dwelling * Ward by Will h3. Back to *[[Sorcery Styles]]*

  • Curses

    * Lesser Ill-Fortune * Weapon Curse * Awful Rite of the Were-Beast * Curse of Yizil * Dance of the Changing Serpent * Draw Forth the Soul * Gelid Bones * Greater Ill-Fortune * Ill-Fortune * Doom h3. Back to *[[Sorcery Styles]]*

  • Terror of the Unknown

    Any time a character encounters a monster they have not encountered before they must check for Fear (SWEXD, p. 97); this is a Spirit roll. Large and/or Supernatural monsters cause a -2 penalty per condition to the Fear check (e.g., -4 if the monster …

  • Hyborian Gazetteer

    [[Aquilonia]] [[Argos]] [[Barachan Isles]] [[Border Kingdom]] [[Brythunia]] [[Cimmeria]] [[Corinthia]] [[Eastern Desert]] [[Ghulistan]] [[Hyperboria]] [[Hyrkania]] [[Khauran]] [[Khitai]] [[Khoraja]] [[Koth]] [[Kush and the Black …

  • Between Adventures

    The players can assume that several months have passed between adventures - certainly sufficient time for the PCs to have spent or lost all their ill-gotten gains from their last quest. Likewise, their equipment may have altered. Put info here about …

  • Languages

    For the most part we don't worry about languages. As several months are presumed to pass between adventures we can presume that by the time the PCs get involved in the next one they will have been in the locale long enough to pick up enough of the local …

  • Time Period

    The game takes place during an unspecified period in Conan's lifetime; the PCs are thus adventuring in parallel with Conan. Although the PCs are contemporaries of the great Cimmerian, their paths are unlikely to cross (although it is not outright …

  • Aquilonia

    [[File:345211 | class=media-item-align-none | Hyboria_GURPS_no_numbers_Aquilonia.png]] *Cultural Description:* Aquilonia is a Hyborian country, the most powerful and civilised in all the western world. Its climate is mild and pleasant and its soil …

  • Argos

    [[File:345189 | class=media-item-align-none | Argos.jpg]] *Cultural Description:* Argos has long held a dislike of Zingara. Their dispute began as a trading rivalry but often spills over into serious conflict. Argos is a Hyborian kingdom, though …

  • Koth

    [[File:345204 | class=media-item-align-none | Hyboria_GURPS_no_numbers_Koth.png]] Back to *[[Hyborian Gazetteer]]*

  • Sanity

    In this setting characters with Arcane Background (Magic) are termed "Sorcerers". Those with Arcane Background (Miracles) are either termed "Priests" (if they're from a civilized land) or "Shamans" (if barbarians or savages). These are the only two …

  • Class Archetype

    All characters start by selecting a Class Archetype; think of this as your character's 'profession'. Most archetypes allow the Player to select some Skills and Hindrances to tailor their character. You can spend the points gained from taking Hindrances …

  • Cultural Template

    Once you've selected your character's Class Archetype you then select his cultural heritage (everyone has to come from somewhere!). Add the cultural bonus(es) shown here to your character stats. *Argossean* and *Barachan* _seamanship_: +2 Boating …

  • Standard Equipment Package

    Every character starts with the following equipment, which weighs 15lbs. and costs $100, leaving new characters with $400 left to spend on weapons,armor and additional gear.Backpack - $50, 2lbsBedroll - $25, 4lbsTorch - $5, 1lbRations (5 meals) - $10, …

  • Design Notes

    This page contains information about why we designed the game the way it is. You don't have to read anything here. *Languages.* Conan seldom had a problem picking up the local language and for the most part we don’t worry about languages. As several …

  • How The Party Came Together

    28 June 2014 Players • Ian, GM • Ron, Gardiff the Lost, Aesir Barbarian • Claudia, Zenobia, Nemedian Scholar • Robert, Praterkali, Aquilonian Thief • Walker, Kwan Chi, Khitan Scholar Prior to starting the game the Players rolled on random …

  • Zenobia

    Her bio goes here; I suppose that includes her personal adventure log?

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