Cultural Template

Once you’ve selected your character’s Class Archetype you then select his cultural heritage (everyone has to come from somewhere!). Add the cultural bonus(es) shown here to your character stats.

Argossean and Barachan seamanship: +2 Boating and Swimming.

Bossonian long bow proficiency. +2 to any Long bow attack.

Cimmerian blood fury: +3 on trait and damage rolls when dealt a Joker rather than +2.

Gunderman pike proficiency. +2 to any Pole Arm attack.

Himelian hardiness: +2 to Survival and Stealth in hills and mountains.

Hyborian Élan: Reroll any “Bennied” roll that comes up 1.
(incl. Nemedia, Ophir, Aquilonia, Hyperborea, Corinthia, the Border Kingdom, Brythunia, Koth, Khauran, Khoraja)

Hyrkanian, Turanian horsemanship. +2 Riding.

Khitan cat-footedness. +2 Stealth.

Kushite weapon familiarity. +2 with spear or javelin attacks.

Nordheimer (Vanir, Aesir) hardiness: +2 Survival and Stealth in cold environments.

Pictish savagery. Ignore one level of wound modifier.

Shemite archery. Add +2 to any short bow attack at close range.

Stygian learning. +2 to Investigation.

Vendhyan sophistication. +2 to Persuade.

Zamorian skullduggery. +2 to Streetwise.

Zingaran swordsmanship. +2 to any one-handed or dual-wield sword attack (offsets off-hand modifier).

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Cultural Template

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