New Players start here!

1. First, if you don’t know how to play Savage Worlds go buy the rulebook; it’s only $10. When you’ve read it come back here.


2. You’re back! Great book huh? Now click over to the Setting Rules and read those. The Setting Rules tell you how we have tailored Savage Worlds to give it Hyborian Age flavor. Pay special attention to the Sorcery rules, which differ somewhat from the rules for Powers in Savage Worlds.

3. Now it’s time to create your character. Go to the Character Creation Guidelines page and do what it says there.

4. Have your Hyborian Age character ready to go? Now go to the forum on this site and drop me (Ian/Finachetto) a line asking to participate in the game, and include your character sheet so I can check it for errors. I put all Characters into Hero Lab (HL) and let HL validate them, so if you happen to have Hero Lab you can save me some work by simply emailing your character’s .por file to me. If you don’t have HL don’t worry, I’ll enter everything by hand and I don’t mind doing that.

5. We play this campaign both FTF and online. For online play we use Fantasy Grounds III, so if you intend to participate that way you’ll need to go to and install the Fantasy Grounds client app on your computer. You can install the ‘free license’ (unless you want to pay for one for purposes of your own) because I bought the ‘Ultimate License’ which means players can connect to my machine and play for free.

6. Now you’re ready! I’ll be using the calendar feature of Obsidian Portal to send out notices of upcoming games.

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New Players start here!

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